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100% Pure Acrylic Highly Durable Spray Paint

Four Benefits

In One Product

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Better Performance

Our patented high volume low pressure colour delivery system enables our paint to cover better, last longer and dry faster than other aerosol paints. This allows users to complete projects much quicker (3-5 minutes vs 6-12 hours)..

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Great Shelf Life

Banna sprays come with a 12 months shelf life. Thanks to zero combination with other aerosol paints that crystallize when multiple brands are used together, Banna sprays are one-of-a-kind meaning a longer lasting coat of paint..

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Environmentally Friendly

Our aerosol cans are environmentally friendly. They are made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with a polyester polymer removing carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%. ZERO CFCs..

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Acrylic Base Paint

UV rejection techonology starts working from the very first ray of sun and reflects the major part of UV which result in lowering yellowing of coating and reducing roof top temperature which in result keep the covered area cooler and comfortable..

Advantages of

Quality Aerosol Spray Paint


No Bad Smell


Quick Dry Technology


different colors & shades


perfumed glossy finish

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100% made in India


corrosion resistance and UV life


Delivery Between 3-8 days PAN India

Our Paint

Cost & Features

Cost 90 rs per cane.

Coverage 20-25 sqft.


0.18-0.25mm or according to request.


Metal, Plastic.


35mm, 45mm, 52mm, 57mm, 65mm, 70mm.


from 90mm-380mm


available in all colour...


necked in/straight kan

***Highly Durable Over3+ Years Life
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How Our Paint works:

Acrylic base paint is one of the best options superseding the NC-based products in terms of quality, colour, permanence, viscosity, and drying time. Having confronted different issues in NC paints, Com-Paint upgraded the production techniques of Aerosol Paints by canning acrylic base paints to provide its customers with superior graded product.

Acrylic base paint gives corrosion resistance and UV life up to 300 hrs. Once sprayed, it gives an even and flexible film formation with film thickness that ranges from 15 to 20 microns.We are actively involved in presenting a world-class Spray Paint, which is ideal to be utilized almost any surface. This type of paint can is great for doing small jobs such as finishing woodworking project or touching up outdoor furniture. The technique that employed to produce such paint is simple yet ingenious. It is very easy to use, lightweight and comes in variant of shades to select from. Composed selected grade chemical compounds, the Spray Paint can be bought at customer-centric prices from us through this website.


Choose Your

Product Packages

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500 ml

  • 315.00
  • 30 to 32
    Sqft cover in duble coat
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1 ml

  • 590.00
  • 600 to 650
    Sqft cover in duble coat