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Cool your Buildings with Attractive Color

Four Benefits

In One Product

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Insulative Technology

Quality Sun Lock-Color is having super insulative property which never allows the passing of heat from coated surface for a longer period of time.

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Ultraviolet Resistant

It Protect against UV and heat (up to 50°C), colour fading, condensation and hairline It Protect walls for at least 8 years against extreme weather conditions (of up to 50°C), colour fading and condensation with superior water resistance.

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Non-fading colors

It covers premature blistering, flaking and peeling of the coating system however it does not cover fading (colour change) or chalking of the paint film in prevailing climate and weather conditions.

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Low maintenance cost

Easy maintenance solution & promotes long-lasting colour, good stain washability, stain resistance and is durable enough to reduce the need to repaint.

Advantages of

Quality Sun Lock-Color


Mould, Dirt and Stain resistance


Non-fading inorganic colors


Up to 18º C reduction of wall heat


Reflecting UV and IR rays back to the atmosphere

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No primer required,Easy to apply


Reflects 90% of sun's Infrared rays


Long lasting exterior colours


High intensity sunlight ,the higher reflection will be

Our Paint

Cost & Features

Cost 32 rs per sqft.

Coverage 35-40 sqft duble coat in 1 ltr.


Quality sun lock is highly eco friendly product which do not have any wrong effect on environment and your atmosphere.


Quality sunlock is very flexible as it is richly Elastomeric and bear all the contraction and expansion due to change in weather.

Save Energy Costs

Quality sun lock is very effective on your pocket as reduces your electricity bills by saving your energy cost by upto 18%(percent)

Excellent Adhesion

Quality sun lock has excellent adhesion as it has best sticking property. It sticks to the surface and provides it better life and strength.

***Verious Shade with3+ Years Life
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How Our Paint works:

It is an a high quality, premium exterior paint that protects your home from damaging effects of all types of weather. It is powered with Smart Release Technology which gives advanced protection against algae and fungus that is caused by the sun and rain.

Backed by a 6Y weather protection warranty, also comes with Keep Cool Technology that reduces the surface temperature and keeps your homes cooler by 5 degrees

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Where To Apply

Asbestos Surface
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Concrete Surface
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Industrial sheds
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Water Tank
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Farm houses
Metal tanks
Exterior west facing walls
Exterior south facing walls
Exterior East facing walls
Cold Storages