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Heat Reflective Coatings Reduce heat from getting in with a reputable heat reflective and cost effective assisting in preventing your walls and pavement from heating up with inhibiting rust , corrosion thermal expansion and ensure durability.
No. You don’t need to use primer to apply our product.
You have to apply 2 coats for better results.
No, our product does not need any special maintenance. It simply gets cleaned with water.
Yes. It is a green product certified by GRIHA. along with WATER BASED,Contains no solvents, very high SRI, ultra low VOC, GREEN manufacturing process, GRIHA Certified.
SRI is a Solar Reflectance Index. It is measure of solar reflectance. Lower the SRI , material become hotter in sunlight. Our product has HIGH SRI, hence it will not become hot. You can walk bare foot over your roof in afternoons
You can feel nearly 8 to 20 degree temperature reduction after using our product
The white color has highest solar reflection.The Available colors are Pastel, Tint, Deep, Accent basses and brilliant White
During peak summers, the A/C has to run for a longer time to bring down the room temperature. It will lead to increased power consumption. By using our product, Air-conditioners require less time to cool saving upto 30% of Electricity consumption.
Yes it is dust proof - water proof - fungus & mold resistant. Roof looks bright & new with all these advantages. No recurring maintenance
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