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We are manufacturer of Heat Reflective Paint, Water resistant coating, Heat Reflective color paint, Anti-Insect Paint and Aerosol compressed products. Quality Technoplus provide equitable solution for roof, walls, water tanks,basement and floors etc. Quality TechnoPlus consist of innovative products and services that effectively cure your problems.

Services We Provide

Quality TechnoPlus specializes in Quality & Innovative Paint and coating for Home & Industry

Anti-Heat,Dust & Water resistant Paint

Quality Sun Lock promises to reduce transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the houses, working places, floor congenial.

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  • Anti-Insect Paint

    Quality Insect Lock assures you there will be no prevailing of insects and germs on the coated surface. It is enemy of the spiders, lizard, etc.

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    Industrial Paint

    Quality TechnoPlus has Great Range of Industrial Products which are being used in automobile, textile and other manufacturing Industries.

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    Heat Reflective Paint (Roof/Walls)

    Quality Sun Lock is heat resistant and reflective paint that do not allows the heat to enter your room or shed during summer. Along with heat it also prevents the dampness during monsoon. It reduces the interior temperature from 8 to 10 degrees and surface temperature from 18 to 24 degrees. Thus your room, office or factory becomes very comfortable to live in or to work there.

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    Anti-Insect Paint

    Now there is no need of Pest control in your home Quality Insect Lock is a never seen never heard product which is greatest enemy of insect. It does not allow the insects to make their home in your home or office over a long period of time. It kill ants, spiders, mosquitoes, flies and many more flying and crawling insects. It can be used in hotels, apartments, hostels, offices, homes etc.

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    Water Proof Transparent Coatings

    Quality Water lock is a revolutionary product which never allows any sort of dampness to enter your walls or roof. It is a transparent lamination coating which is extremely resistant and repellent to water. Quality Water lock does not creates any layer but it fills all the pores of the cemented surface, bricks, stones, walls and roofs etc and does not let the water droplets into enter the surface

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    We innovate, we produce, we market a premium range of High-quality Product & services.


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    We give superior service to our customers..

    • Best innovative & advance Products.
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    • We give best support to our clients & resolve their specific problems.

    Our Products

    Quality TechnoPlus Provide Advance Solution
    For Home and Industry.


    Quality Sun Lock

    Heat Reflective paint For Walls & Roofs, Asbestos roof, GI Roof, Tanks etc.

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    Quality Sun Lock-(C)

    Heat Reflective paint in diffrent color shade For Walls...

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    Quality Sun Lock-(T)

    Transparent Heat Reflective coating for any kind of Glass...

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    Quality Water Lock

    Ultra-Hydrophobic water base & solvent base coating for your buildings and home..

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    Quality Damp Lock

    Quality Damp Lock is a technically advanced waterproofing solution with acrylic fibers....

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    Quality Insect Lock

    Anti-Insect paint to self your buildings and homes with Insect....

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    Quality Spot Lifter

    Easily lifts a variety of spots and stains without leaving a ring. Formulated to be used on many popular fabrics, such as wool, cotton, silk etc.

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    Quality Aerosol Spray

    Quality spary paint formulated from 100% pure acrylic.Highly durable, fast drying,high gloss weather resistant. Ideal for automobiles...

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    Quality Rust Remover

    Our spray helps remove rusted layers from sockets and joints which get stuck due to rust. It free the sticky mechanisms which help the machine to opreate smoothly again..

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