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Block IR & UV Rays Without Visibility

Four Benefits

In One Product

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Reduced Electricity Cost

Quality Sun Lock Transparent blocks up to 96% of infrared Rays,thus it reduces the heat penetration from glass,keeping the interior cool & comfortable,which in-turn reduces the load & cost of air-conditioning as it would require less energy..

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Insulative Technology

Quality sun lock(T) is having super insulative property which never allows the passing of heat from coated surface for a longer period of time.

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These are the few advantages which are attained at an affordable cost. No recurring maintenance cost. Roof gets cleaned automatically in rain.

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Ultraviolet Resistant

UV rejection techonology starts working from the very first ray of sun and reflects the major part of UV which result in lowering yellowing of coating and reducing roof top temperature which in result keep the covered area cooler and comfortable..

Advantages of

Quality Sun Lock-Transparent


Reduces internal temperatures


It can reduce the inside temperature by approx 20%


5 years performance life


Reflecting UV and IR rays back to the atmosphere

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Non-toxic, Solvent-based, low VOC


Reflects 90% of sun's Infrared rays


Easy to apply and self cleaning


High intensity sunlight ,the higher reflection will be

Our Paint

Cost & Features

Cost 40.47-42.5 rs per sqft.

Coverage 400-420 sqft in 1 ltr.


Quality sun lock(T) is highly eco friendly product which do not have any wrong effect on environment and your atmosphere.


Quality sunlock(T) is very flexible as it is richly Elastomeric and bear all the contraction and expansion due to change in weather.

Save Energy Costs

Quality sun lock(T) is very effective on your pocket as reduces your electricity bills by saving your energy cost by upto 18%(percent)

Excellent Adhesion

Quality sun lock(T) has excellent adhesion as it has best sticking property. It sticks to the surface and provides it better life and strength.

***Highly Durable 5+ Years Life
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How Our Paint works:

Quality Sun Lock-T formulates a transparent & rigid barricade over the glass and blocks heat entering to your premises by 45%.The Nano technology based liquid will block up to 85% of Infra-red rays (responsible for heat in Sun rays) and 99% of Ultraviolet rays to reduce the heat gain through any type of glass surface be it a window, door or facade.

Heat has a tendency to travel from hot atmosphere to cool. Glass has property to trap heat which in-turn results in increasing temperature of your room/office which in turn affects the AC usage.Over 20 % of Air-Conditioning cost can be saved by using Quality Sun Lock Transparent.

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